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Rent satellite internet for events throughout the UAE.

Satellite internet is used for a variety of WiFi requirements. It can be installed and rented short-term as a back-up internet solution or as the main source of internet in areas that lack the infrastructure. This includes remote areas without the benefit of cables or telephone lines. Satellite internet hire is simpler than it seems. Our Networking engineers can install in about an hour and derig the installation just as quickly.

What are the benefits of Satellite internet hire?

The benefits of satellite include a high-speed secure connection that can integrate with additional equipment so that connectivity can be shared over a Wi-Fi network. It involves a geostationary satellite, a modem and a satellite dish. The modem transmits the signal from the satellite to your devices such as iPads, mobile phones and laptops.

Because satellite works regardless of the infrastructure it is often using for mobile events such as conferences that take place on caravans, as well as remote festival locations. Unlike 4G, it isn’t limited by the number of users or devices that are logging in. This is ideal for events that have hundreds or thousands of attendees and need to live stream video with an uninterrupted signal.

What is satellite internet hire used for?

Satellite is often requested for festivals, trade shows, tours, cultural events and corporate conferences. Internet has become a necessity and it’s used for everything from Electronic Point of Sale transactions to social media sharing. Event software such as check-in and registration apps rely on a strong, consistent connection to conduct business and to market in real time. Fundraisers host online auctions, and events provide live tours, surveys and contests via software. When a venue’s WiFi cannot be relied upon, satellite is a great back-up option to ensure a connection.

Rent satellite internet for efficient online payments.

Customer vendor transactions are mostly conducted via internet at events, and we have the equipment you need to do so.

We can rent all the EPOS equipment you require including:

satellite internet Linea pro
satellite internet Cash drawers
satellite internet Receipt printers
satellite internet iPad 9.7

Rent satellite internet and get so much more.

At One World Rental we offer a number of ways to connect to the internet, including via access points, personalised bonded internet, hardline and a combination of these different options. Our Networking Engineers can provide full installation and derigging, as well as provide an on-site presence throughout the duration of your event so that you have technical support should you require it.

One World Rental believes in offering a total event solution that can include hardware, software, WiFi, project management, and technical event staffing. Speak to our customer service team today about how to rent satellite internet and we can help discuss all of the requirements and suggest solutions that may surprise you. With over a decade in the event IT business, we have a wealth of experience to draw upon and are happy to share it with you.

If you need more information about our satellite internet hire or any of our event solutions, Contact our team today for a full consultation.