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A range of iPad stands and branded iPad cases for events throughout the UAE.

What are you looking for in an iPad stand? We have a range of options including floor stands, kiosks, Heckler stand rental, wall mounts, tripod stands, and quad stands. Each is secure, yet lightweight, and we choose stands that have sleek professional design elements that work well at training seminars, corporate conferences, festivals trade shows, product launches, payments terminals and more.

iPad Stand Dubai - Quad

Can display up to 4 devices

Great for event registration

Bounce Pad

Adjustable angles and displays

Great for events where interaction is required

iPad Floor Stand

Quick and easy to set up

On-site charging available

iPad Desktop Stand

Secure to desktop for ease of use

On site charging available

Heckler Stand

Great for event check in solutions

Can secure heckler stands to the desks

iPad stands: general features and uses.

iPad stands are an excellent way to showcase apps and provide event registration and payment portals for your guests. Choose stands that have slots for hidden power cables, so that you have a backup charging option should it be required. We offer standard monochromatic colours for your stands, such as black, white and silver options that will fit in anywhere. Place them at intervals throughout your event to guide guests throughout your conference, fundraiser or cultural event strategically. 

Heckler stand rental: what we love about Heckler.

Heckler iPad stands are engineered with laser-cut steel. They have a sleek look and a lot to offer. Utilise Heckler’s unique screwdriver and four screws to lock an iPad in place securely throughout an event. It has a disc that rotates for a wide range of motion. There’s a hidden cord inlet within the base of the Heckler stand, so that you have a constant source of power. They are lightweight, yet strong, and you’ll feel confident housing your tablets in these lockable displays.

best Heckler stand hire

About Moonbase stands.

Moonbase stands are useful and simple to operate. They too have a hidden cord route that guarantees your charge without revealing any wires. They have a sleek black style that is modern, yet minimalistic. They offer a wide range of flexibility- with rotation capabilities of up to 330-degrees and 45-degree screen sharing. This makes it easy for vendors and customers alike to utilise the device during a purchase.

Our additional iPad stands and what they offer.

At One World Rental, we believe in providing a variety of solutions. Our range of iPad Stand UAE includes quad stands, which can display up to four iPads at once. We also offer wall mount tablet stands that can be placed in horizontal or vertical positions and easily set up. Additionally, our black tripod stand, which is extendable and has adjustable height settings, is often requested for filming purposes. Whether you need an iPad desktop stand, iPad kiosk stand, or iPad floor stand hire, we have you covered.

iPad stand rental and more.

We offer a variety of hardware for hire at One World Rental which includes iPads, mobile phones, iMacs, Audio-Visual displays, Virtual Reality equipment and POS devices such as printers and scanners. We also provide software solutions and app building. Our developer partners can create bespoke apps for you that best showcase your event and branding.

Beyond hardware and software, we offer technical event staff to setup all the equipment and make sure it runs smoothly throughout the duration of the event. We also provide Networking Engineers who can install Wi-Fi anywhere regardless of the existing infrastructure at your venue location. Need more? Our project managers are available to help you with all of your event requirements.

If you need additional information about our iPad stands including Heckler stand rental, or any aspect of your next event  contact our team today for a full consultation.