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Oculus Quest VR Rental

Oculus Quest VR rental throughout the UAE.

The Oculus Quest VR rent that we offer is fourth in its line of production and the best VR headset till date. Unlike Oculus Go, it’s an independent piece of hardware, which implies it doesn't need additional hardware such as a smartphone or a PC. However, where the Oculus Go is intended for fixed TV or film seeing, the Quest is a gaming gadget. It incorporates a pair of controllers for immersive experience rather than a single controller, and it's studded with four wide-point following cameras, which let the user stroll around in a genuinely enormous space. It will likewise uphold a portion of the Rift's most mainstream scenarios. 

Oculus Quest VR

All-in-one VR system

The wireless headset and controllers provide a compact setup

Submerge your prospects in a virtual world with the Oculus Quest All-in-one VR Gaming Headset. This piece of incredible hardware generates reality framework which permits your prospects to play any place and/or experience your product utilizing only the VR headset and controller. A wide library of inconceivable VR games across can be downloaded straightforwardly to your Oculus Quest. Also, with 64 GB of internal memory, you'll have a lot of room for your preferred games and/or product.

Augmented reality is an energizing new vehicle for a wide range of diversion, regardless of whether you're a gaming development house or you simply need to take your prospects on some virtual touring. In any case, contingent upon your current equipment alternatives, the play-space you have accessible, and your financial plan, the Oculus Quest VR on rent is for you and probably the most ideal choice.


No limitations

Oculus Quest VR rent is our first across the board gaming hardware we offer on rent to help you showcase your games in an event for an immersive experience and better ROI. Presently your prospects can play anyplace with only a VR headset and controllers -without any limitations of additional hardware or tangible purchase.

Simple SET UP

We believe that when you Rent Oculus Quest the world is your arcade for business use or personal use. Our experienced technical staff will set everything up for you in a matter of hours with every Oculus Quest VR rent service. When you rent Oculus Quest from us set up is completely dynamic and tailored whether you're organizing an event at a convention center or somewhere new. Just to make sure that you are happy we set up Oculus Quest to work on your terms, so your prospects can play standing or sitting in spaces huge or little.

Make your Mark

Oculus Quest makes an interpretation of your developments into VR regardless of what domain you're trying to conquer. It can help you stand out anyplace especially in your play-space. And when you rent it from us the extreme level of reliability and affordability makes it a lot more productive and attractive choice.

Immersive Experience. Better ROI

Oculus Quest Rental enables users to benefit from positional sound incorporated legitimately within the headset, so your prospects can hear every single beat of sound or what's sneaking up behind them even without earphones. This will help you in creating an immersive experience for your potential customers, thus equipping you in showcasing your product at its best.

It's the New Reality

When renting Oculus Quest, you also get technologically advance Oculus Touch controllers, your prospects can move your hands and signals directly into the game. Your slices, tosses and dynamic collection of actions gets shown up in VR with instinctive, sensible accuracy.

Hand Tracking

Your prospects would have complete freedom in exploring your product and/or service while utilizing their hands straightforwardly in virtual spaces. Simply put down your Touch controllers to initiate hand tracking, and from there the sky is the limit.

Unimaginable VR Experience

Quit just presenting your games on screens and let your prospects venture into them. Regardless of whether they’re casting spells or cutting through adversary crowds, they’ve never been this near the reality you have to offer.

To rent Oculus Quest VR or any of our additional virtual reality rental products,  contact our team today for a free quote.