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Superior WiFi for corporate conferences, exhibitions and training sessions; sourced from our Dubai office location.

What kind of WiFi rental are you looking for? We have a range of solutions including event WiFi rental UAE packages that can range from MiFi, Wireless Access Points (WAP), satellite, hardline, and personalised bonded internet, among others. Our Networking Engineers have been installing WiFi for a decade. They are skilled in high-speed, secure internet; their experience ranges from providing backup WiFi support, to creating the infrastructure in areas that require it. We’ve provided internet for mobile caravans and conferences held on transport vehicles, and in remote desert locations that lacked any existing telephone cables or wires. We’ve found that venue WiFi is often inadequate depending on broadband and the number of users/devices online at once. Part of our event WiFi Middle East solutions include investigating your current WiFi capabilities and providing options that can best support your event requirements. 

Event WiFi Middle East and beyond.

Our WiFi options are unlimited and we can help you chose a package that’s ideal for your specifications. We provide WiFi to events throughout the Middle East, but did you know that we are a global company who provides WiFi in any location in the world? It’s true; we’ve never turned down an event location and we’re not about to start. We pride ourselves on delivering technical services and hardware to over 50 countries to date, and have over 4,000 highly satisfied corporate clients. Our WiFi rental Dubai office can deploy services quickly and are available for consultation 24 hours per day, seven days per week. They can help you to explore our event WiFi rental Dubai packages and find the one that best fits your requirements.

WiFi rental Dubai

Our WiFi rental Dubai team is standing by to help you with relevant internet questions designed to ensure that your access is secure, high-speed and consistent. Need WiFi rental Dubai? Look no further!

Why chose One World Rental for WiFi rental Dubai?

Our technical event staff are experts in designing and installing networks for a variety of functions including training seminars, live festivals, product launches, fundraising events and corporate conferences. We work out of our Dubai office to provide the best solutions for your event. We can discuss with you the differences between the equipment we offer, such as routers and Ruckus access points, with no hard sell, in a language that’s easy to understand.

WiFi rental Dubai options include satellite, MiFi, personalised bonded internet, WAP, and more. Our event WiFi rental Dubai networks are secure, consistently reliable and have fast loading speeds. Whether you need the internet for online voting at a charity auction or for broadcasting live video feed from a news event, we provide the best coverage available.

We have an extensive range of event technology hire for a range of corporate and public events including:

event wifi
event wifi
event wifi
event wifi
event wifi
event wifi

We also work closely with app developers and can install conference apps on iPads to host business presentations while interacting with other speakers. Other benefits include:

Speaker and guest profiles

LinkedIn networking

Interactive maps

Live polling and games

Post event analytics

Feedback forms

Event WiFi rental UAE is more than just WiFi.

At One World Rental, our services aren’t limited to WiFi. Our clients can rent from our event technology hire UAE packages including touchscreens, iPads, desktops, digital signage, mobiles and any Apple product they need for their next event. We even have software engineers who can create check-in and registration apps to simply your event entry process. We have accessories, branded cases, Virtual Reality equipment, Kensington Locks, cables and more. We provide a total event solution!.

If you need more information on our event WiFi rental UAE solutions including satellite WiFi contact our team today for a full consultation.